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Pediatric Chiropractic at Absolute Chiropractic + Wellness

What if there was a way to safely, naturally, and noninvasively help your children experience optimal health and wellness?

Good news, there is. It’s called pediatric chiropractic care and at Absolute, we are PASSIONATE about helping kids of all ages.

Whether you’re pregnant, have a newborn, a growing toddler, a vivacious school kiddo, or a transforming teen, we’re here to support them.

We focus on the body’s nervous system. The nervous system is the control system for the entire body including the respiratory, digestive, muscular and immune systems. So, by focusing on improving your child’s nerve function, they can experience their greatest well-being. A lot of times, babies experience trauma while in utero and/or during the birth process. This trauma can lead to misalignments and what we call subluxations which can compromise the nervous system. Through adjustments, we can release the subluxation and improve life for your kiddo.

While sports can be incredible for children as they develop, they can also make them more susceptible to injuries. For this reason, we recommend kids who play sports to be under chiropractic care to make sure their body is working as optimally as possible Research shows a 10% increase in speed and a decrease in injury when kids are under care.

Our office is comfortable, fun and welcoming to all families. Your child’s first visit will include a thorough consultation and history with one of our doctors, followed by a pediatric-focused exam and an Insight nervous system scan (which is 100% safe for children.) Following the consultation and exam, together Dr. Amy and Dr. Erica will review your child’s case and develop a personalized care plan to help achieve your child’s greatest health potential.

We’ve been working with kids for years so we know how to build trust and treat them as an active participant throughout the process. All of our adjustment techniques are gentle and we’re happy to answer any and all questions throughout the process.

My little girl got her start getting adjusted early. I brought her in right away to get her checked and give her nervous system a tune up. She also had some early struggles with reflux, consistently sleeping through the night, a milk protein allergy, + bowel movements. Thankfully with some regular chiropractic care, she is flourishing + moved past those early struggles. As a patient myself who has been adjusted for a while, I encourage any other family seeking answers to give chiropractic care a try! It’s made such a difference in both or our lives, and it’s so worth it.” Kristin S.

Help For My Migraines

“I suffered from constant migraines. They would get so bad that they would make me sick and have to sit out of sports and daily activities. I was on daily migraine medication, and it wasn’t effective any longer. I just wanted to get back to “normal” and my mom knew she had to try something different. I started off getting adjusted a few times a week and noticed immediate relief from my daily migraines. First they were only every couple of days, to a couple times a week, to now maybe 1 a month. I know when I start to feel it coming on to come in for a boost adjustment. I am able to live the life I want to live and continue to be active.”

– Dylan E.

Adjustments during my pregnancy were so important to keep things aligned while they were continually changing. Having baby adjusted within the first week of her arrival makes me feel like I’m doing everything I can for her to flourish. Kristin


We love kids at Absolute Chiropractic + Wellness and want to help yours experience better health and optimal wellness. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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