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Pregnancy Chiropractic at
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As an expecting mama, there’s plenty to worry about– being comfortable in your body shouldn’t be one of those things.

We’re here to help you have a happier, healthier pregnancy by relieving conditions such as back, hip, and sciatica pain and other discomfort you may be experiencing (or want to avoid experiencing) through 100% safe and natural techniques.

Pregnancy + Stress

Pregnancy naturally stresses your body (and lots of times your emotions, too.) With chiropractic care, we help your body perform at its peak so that internal stress levels decrease for both you and your baby.

Ideally, we recommend starting chiropractic care before getting pregnant to help prepare your body for pregnancy. That said, if you’re already pregnant you’re more than welcome to start your chiropractic care now.

Your first appointment will be our standard new patient appointment (minus the x-ray) where you’ll have a consultation with the doctor, share your health history, receive a physical examination, and have an Insight nervous system scan (which is 100% safe for pregnant women. Then, at your next visit we’ll go over your exam findings and share with you the chiropractic perspective of the changes happening in your body and how we can help.

To ensure your adjustments are as comfortable as possible, we provide special tables and soft pregnancy pillows that drop the pelvic and thoracic pieces so you can lie face down comfortably.

I’ve been coming in to ACW since my pregnancy with my second child. And now with another baby on the way, I need some extra self-care. My adjustments keep me up and mobile. And have allowed me to work out and keep up after 2 young kids! My regular adjustments allow me to take a deep breath and keep moving.” Trisha Z.

Loved My Care During Pregnancy

“I started getting adjusted at 13 weeks pregnant. I didn’t realize how much pregnancy would change my body and how it feels. I sought out care to initially help with some growing pains + soreness. But stuck around to stay aligned and give my body the best chance at having the birth I wanted. I really love how your care is tailored to expecting moms, and the support I’ve received throughout my pregnancy. I hope to help other new mamas find chiropractic so they can thrive during this beautiful season too.”

– Katie G

Adjustments during my pregnancy were so important to keep things aligned while they were continually changing. Having baby adjusted within the first week of her arrival makes me feel like I’m doing everything I can for her to flourish. Kristin Spiedel

My pregnancy journey, delivery and recovery was so much better with my second pregnancy compared to my first…Chiropractic was the missing link.” Lindsay O.


Experience the many benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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